How to use a hair dryer to relieve earache Pain in babies

Earaches are a common cause of pain in infants. Due to the inability of a baby to communicate the discomfort, parents often leave with an anguished baby and crying. Earaches are usually caused by an ear infection, which are often worse at night when the baby is lying down and his ventilation tubes are not draining well. Many parents feel helpless and unable to calm their annoying baby, but applying hot heat with a Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer relief can provide some instant.


1 The best time to apply heat to your baby’s ear is after the administration of a normal dose of analgesic recommended by your pediatrician. This allows you to give your child some relief from earache since the medication takes effect.

2 Put your baby in a comfortable position. If the child is very young, you may want him or her in his arms; otherwise, put the baby in an upright position.

3 Set the hair dryer to the lowest position. Test the heat of your hand first, as well as verify the bath water temperature. Make sure it is not hot - just hot enough to provide comfort.

4 Keep the hair dryer nozzle approximately 20 inches from your baby’s ear at first. If the child is not too upset about this, then pass the dryer as close as 10 inches to the ear. Make sure the hot air is pointed towards the ear that hurts. If you are not sure which ear is hurting, or if it is a double infection, then apply air to both ears. Apply the air for about two or three minutes.

5 Repeat this process if necessary. Hot air, along with some pain medications, should bring quick relief.

Tips and warnings

Keep the baby’s head elevated as much as possible to keep the ear tubes drained properly and help stop the earache more.
See a pediatrician if you suspect that your baby has an ear infection - especially if accompanied by a fever, since antibiotics may be necessary.
Always check the temperature of the hair dryer and do not let your baby’s ear get too hot.